Zentyal – How to restart services

open an SSH session to your server and use the following command:

sudo zs samba restart

Check if it is running:

sudo zs samba status

Replace ‘samba’ with the service you want to restart.

Windows Zentyal

Fixing domain trust issues

If you get the error message “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”, here is how you can fix it.

Open a PowerShell as Administrator and enter the following commands:


This will show true or false. If it shows false, enter the following commands (replace domain.lan with your domain name, adminaccount with your administrator username, and domainserver with the name of your domainserver)

$credential = Get-Credential domain.lan\adminaccount
Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -server domainserver 
-credential $credential

This should fix the problem without having to leave and rejoin the domain.

Linux Zentyal

Zentyal: how to change password expiry options

Zentyal is a great replacement for Windows domains, but in the webinterface there is currently (version 6) no option to change the password expiry settings.

To change them anyway, open a linux terminal on the Zentyal server and use the samba-tool utility

samba-tool domain passwordsettings set --max-pwd-age=0

This will turn off password aging. Change the 0 to the number of days you want to set it to expire to anything else than the default 365 days. Have look at the help page or manpage for samba-tool to see more options. If the command executes successfully, you will see the following text:

Maximum password age changed!
All changes applied successfully!

and you are done!