Installing OpenVas on Kali gives error about ospd-openvas.service failing

I am installing openvas on kali linux. when starting openvas with gvm-start I get an error Job for ospd-openvas.service failed because the control process exited with error code. What is causing this and how to fix this ?

The cause of this is a permission issue on the openvas logs. The fix is quite easy:

chmod 666 /var/log/gvm/openvas.log

The problem should be fixed.


How to remove all cover art from MP3s.

Open a terminal window and go to your MP3 folder. Run the following command (you might have to install eyeD3 first for our linux distribution.) :

eyeD3 *.mp3 --remove-all-images

Zentyal – How to restart services

open an SSH session to your server and use the following command:

sudo zs samba restart

Check if it is running:

sudo zs samba status

Replace ‘samba’ with the service you want to restart.

Windows Zentyal

Fixing domain trust issues

If you get the error message “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”, here is how you can fix it.

Open a PowerShell as Administrator and enter the following commands:


This will show true or false. If it shows false, enter the following commands (replace domain.lan with your domain name, adminaccount with your administrator username, and domainserver with the name of your domainserver)

$credential = Get-Credential domain.lan\adminaccount
Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -server domainserver 
-credential $credential

This should fix the problem without having to leave and rejoin the domain.


How to get into your laptops Bios

Lenovo (laptops, excl ThinkPads)F2 or FN+F2
Lenovo (desktops)F1
Lenovo (ThinkPads)Enter, followed by F1
DellF2 or F12
HPF1, F10 or DEL
ASRockF2 or DEL
AcerF2 or DEL
GigabyteF2 or DEL


Windows changes my printer ports. Help!?

Windows 10 (and presumably Windows 11 as well) has the very annoying ‘feature’ of thinking it can manage your printer better than you can yourself.

If you printer stops working for some inexplicable reason, then the changes are great that Windows had decided to change your printer port to a WSD port, even if you installed it with an IP port.

To avoid this behaviour, delete the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\WSD Port


Linux Red Hat Ubuntu

Bash: remove trailing slash from a variable

Suppose you have a variable containing a directorypath:


If you try to test in your bash script if the directory exists, then it will fail because of the trailing slash:

if [ ! -d "${directorytouse} ] 
    echo -e "directory does not exist!"

The easiest way to remove this / if it is present is to use shell parameter expansion:

if [ ! -d "${directorytouse%/}" ]
    echo -e "directory does not exist!"

This will get rid of the trailing slash if there is one. If there is no trailing slash present, then nothing will happen.

Linux Red Hat Ubuntu

Help, my terminal shows graphical characters instead of normal text

If you have ever used cat or tail to accidentally show a binary file, you will have noticed your terminal show graphical garbage instead of readable text. As shown in the screenshot below:

You will find several suggested fixes on the internet for this, including:

  • type CTRL-C a few times to make sure you are on a new line and then enter ‘reset‘ and tap enter.
  • output the ASCII SI (shift in) character, decimal value 15. This can be entered with CTRL+O and should work if the reset command doesn’t work. Just enter ‘echo CTRL+V CTRL+O’ on the command line
  • enter the command ‘stty sane’, followed by ‘tput rs1’ on the command line.

The only one that worked for me is entering the following (blindly, since you can ‘t read what your are typing) on the terminal prompt:

echo -e "\033c"

A good practice is to define an alias in your startup script with the following command:

alias resetterminal='echo -e "\033c"'

Next time you have this problem, you can then type (blindly) ‘resetterminal’ to fix the problem.

Linux Red Hat Ubuntu

Vi (or Vim) session no longer responding?

If your Vi or Vim session is hanging and is not responding to anything, then it might be because you pressed CTRL+S accidentally (out of habbit). To fix this, just press CTRL+Q to unblock the session.

Dell XPS15 Laptop Linux Ubuntu

No wifi or no external monitor on Dell XPS-15

If your wifi card is not available after booting your Dell XPS-15 laptop (with Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04), or your external monitor refuses to display anything, please try the following:

start up your laptop without your power supply plugged in, connect with wifi, and/or your external monitor and only then plug in your power supply.

This fix works everytime for me.